Chloe on her first day of treatment

Day 3

Energy Treatments on Surgical Procedures

Chloe was diagnosed with cancer and had the tumor surgically removed.

I provided her with energy treatments to stimulate her immune system and accelerate her healing.

6 treatments were given over a 7 day period; 4 days in a row (a complete set of treatments), followed by an additional 2 at the request of the companion owner.

Each day we saw improvements in Chloe’s wounds, and after 4 days, the hole had closed and you could no longer see inside her leg.

Healing will continue to work after the final treatments. You can see the improvements in the pictures below.


Energy treatments are not a substitute for proper diagnosis or care by a qualified veterinarian.

Energy Treatments are a natural way to stimulate the immune system to accelerate the healing process and can be used in combination with Professional Medical care.

Chloe after 4 consecutive days of Energy treatment.


In June of 2014, I was diagnosed with skin cancer and had it removed surgically. 

As a Certified Bio-Energy Practitioner, I knew that I could utilize energy treatments to help facilitate and accelerate the healing process as well as manage the pain naturally during my recovery.

I performed energy treatments on myself daily, until the stitches were removed 7 days later.

The self-administered treatments accelerated the cellular regeneration and minimized the time required for the healing process.


The surgeon removing the stitches was amazed at how well it had healed within such a short period of time and recommended that I continue to do "whatever energy work that I am doing". 

Day  5

Chloe after 2 additional days of treatment

Day 7 stitches removed.

24 hours after surgery 

Individual Results May Vary

Chloe 3 days after Treatments