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There's something unique about Cheryl. She radiates positive energy and goodness, both figuratively and literally speaking. Therefore it is of no surprise to me that she offers treatments in Bio-Energy, Reiki and BARS. The subtle body is where she brings the healing.

Being a skeptic myself at first, I was reluctant to try these treatments; however, my curiosity and interest in all things new prevailed. I am so glad I let Cheryl offer her gift of achieving balance, energetic boost and a general feeling of well-being. It made me feel like I had a combination of meditation, massage, rest and energy boost all at the same time. It is most difficult to put the feeling into words.

During the treatments many times I had a flash back to my favorite childhood memory; my grandma reading the Arabian Nights book to me, while I sat in a comfy chair enjoying the stories, listening to her voice, being completely relaxed, happy and at peace. That sense of energetic balance, clear mind and warm heart is what I leave with after every treatment, and is what keeps me coming back. Thank you, Cheryl!

Ana, New Westminster BC

I don't know what I would have done if Cheryl hadn't been there to help us.

Poor Arne had a little scuff with another dog and was badly shaken. Cheryl immediately calmed him down while she did an energy treatment above his shoulder. After a few minutes Arne completely relaxed and rolled over onto his back exposing a large gash on his chest.

Cheryl drove us to a nearby vet's office and stayed with both of us, keeping us calm while doing some energy work.

She saved me and Arne that day!

Yvonne, Vancouver BC

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I must admit that I was more than skeptical about Bio-Energy healing and doubted that it could help my lower back pain. After about 30 minutes into the session with Cheryl I could not believe that my pain was reduced from an 8/10 down to 0, in my first session!

Tim B, Vancouver

I’m amazed how effective Bio-Energy treatments are. I saw Cheryl because I had restricted movement in my shoulder. After 4 sessions I had complete range of motion in my shoulder and my eczema on my upper back was also gone!

Valerie T, Vancouver

We always know when Cheryl is here, because there is a peaceful calm in the back; all the animals are extremely quiet and relaxed.

N.C. Vancouver BC

We met Cheryl at the time when we didn't know where to find help. At that time our Boston Terrier Spot didn't use one of his back legs after 4 surgeries that were supposed to fix his luxating  patella. Between two vets, he had 3 surgeries on his right leg and one on his left. These surgeries didn't fix his condition and each surgery was trying to fix a problem created by his previous surgery. He was left with numerous pins in his legs, one of his bones was accidentally cut through by the vet and the surgeries resulted in the beginnings of arthritis. His back legs were damaged.

When I met Cheryl the vet asked us to come back for surgery #5.  After the last surgery Spot would not put any weight on one of his leg and we were told that his luxating patella was not fixed. We were devastated. We lost trust in veterinarians. We knew we didn't want to subject him to yet another surgery.

When Cheryl described her treatment, I thought I would give it a try. I didn't tell my family as I knew they would be skeptical. We did a series of sessions.  Spot was very anxious during the first few sessions. It was clear that he was sensing something. After his first session he bolted away as soon as we finished. With time, he became more comfortable with the process and would patiently wait until the end. He improved quickly and at the end of our sessions he was using all of his legs. My family was surprised by his improvements and then I told them about the treatment. Spot is doing really well now and he is fully active. We noticed that when the weather gets cold his legs seem stiffer. We were told that surgeries accelerated the process of arthritis in his legs. So we would take Spot to Cheryl for treatments when we notice his legs seemed to be bothering him and after each treatment, we see improvements in his mobility.

Aga, Vancouver BC

To my dear friend Cheryl, who held space for us all throughout the whole process, making our experience that much more beautiful and making it OK to be and feel whatever was there in each moment. Her strength, love, compassion and kindness made what felt like a tragedy into a most humbling, powerfully peaceful and rich experience.

Kaelah, Vancouver BC

R.I.P Peche xoxox


Energy treatments are not a substitute for proper diagnosis or care by a qualified veterinarian.

Energy Treatments are a natural way to stimulate the immune system to accelerate the healing process and can be used in combination with Veterinarian care.

I was surprised to see how much energy Bella had after her treatments. It was if she was a puppy again!

A.J. Vancouver