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Energy treatments are not a substitute for proper diagnosis or care by a qualified veterinarian.

Energy Treatments are a natural way to stimulate the immune system to accelerate the healing process and can be used in combination with Professional Medical care.

                    Animalia's Vision

To positively impact the physical and emotional health of all beings that we come into contact with.

Animalia Energy Healing aspires to be synonymous with Health & Well-being for all 2 and 4 legged relationships

Cheryl Miller, B.A. Psychology,

Bio-Energy and Reiki Practitioner

Gracie, Top Dog

                    Animalia's Mission

To utilize Energy Therapy and education to facilitate and support animals and their companion owners transitioning to greater levels of Health and Well- being


I grew up on a farm in rural Ontario and have always had a special connection to animals.

I first learned to connect to energy through the natural beauty and wildlife that surrounded me.  I learned to connect in various ways, which enabled me to directly experience the subtle energies around and within me.

I began to unravel and understand the physical and emotional effects of being in certain environments  circumstances, around individuals or groups of people, as well as my own thoughts. The impact on my senses, both physically and emotionally, were palpable to me. I also observed how these same energies impacted others and animals.

Since that time, I have had some remarkable experiences that have allowed me to continue to study and grow as an Energy Healer.

Today I work with a variety of animals and people and enjoy seeing my clients achieve greater states of health.

With a degree in psychology, including courses in animal and environmental psychology, I understand how different environments can impact our overall well- being and state of health.

This training combined with my energy certifications in Bio-Energy, Reiki and the Domancic Method, plus my connection to nature and animals, allow me to assist  all animals in need, including the 2 legged variety.

I am an active volunteer at the BC SPCA where I am a Welfare Therapist assisting animals during their transition to health and a “forever home”.


Energy Treatments are safe, natural and effective ways of achieving greater levels of health for you and your pet.

Energy Treatments :

  • Stimulate the immune system to accelerate healing

  • Provide ultimate restoration for the body

  • Engage self-healing mechanisms

  • Improve the communication and function of each cell, tissue or muscle

  • Increase the flow of energy throughout the body

  • Remove blockages caused by physical injury, stress, anxiety, or emotional trauma


Animalia Energy Healing came into fruition when I realized I could combine my passion for animals with my abilities as an Energy Healer.

After witnessing my own dog's  recovery from a completely torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury (ACL), I decided to use my training to help animals and their companion owners.

My dog, Gracie was always very active, and in great shape for her age.   One day while playing, she ran into an uneven patch of grass while chasing a ball, resulting in a completely torn ACL.

Not wanting her to suffer through a painful surgery, long recovery and an increased risk  of injuring the other ligaments while healing (50-60 % chance), I opted for a less invasive healing method. I chose a holistic approach by using a brace that was specifically fitted for her by a veterinarian, which stabilized her knee during her recovery.

During this time I was completing an energy certification program and was treating a number of clients in my home. I noticed that Gracie was always lying directly in the flow of the energy where I was working; moving in and out of the flow as she desired.

I noticed Gracie was becoming more energetic and had little interest in continuing to wear the brace, so I continued to give her treatments. Gradually I started by removing her brace while she was indoors, and within a short period of time I began walking her without it. I still utilized the brace while she was running and playing, much like an athlete would use a brace or tensor bandage for support.

A few weeks later, while on a walk and with no brace, she started to run. I was amazed at how agile she was and how well her knee was supporting her. Not wanting to risk further injury, I started to slowly extend play time without the use of the brace, and within a few short weeks, Gracie was able to run and play completely without the aid of her brace.

Choosing to use an alternative approach for Gracie was the right decision for her and was supported by a veterinarian who fits animals with custom braces. The energy treatments that she received complemented her healing and she remained active until her passing without the use of her brace.

I have since worked on a number of dogs with similar injuries, helping those animals who have had a surgical procedure and those who have not.

I have used Energy treatments effectively for a number of different animals to:

  • Increase energy and vitality,

  • Accelerate healing of incisions due to surgical procedures ,

  • Reduce pain and inflammation,

  • Increase range of motion in limbs & joints.

  • Rectify skin conditions, such as rashes, allergies and burns,

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and worry,

  • Address abandonment and past abuse or neglect,

  • Acclimate animals into new homes, families, loss of other pets and family members, as well as new arrivals,

  • Assist pets transitioning in the last stages of life.